by Kathy Moore, Project Officer (Children & Young People), SHARE Museums East / 01603 493646

The Biodiversity Conference was a great success (full report to follow!)

biodiversityMolly, our Natural History Trainee, tweeted the progress of the conference throughout the day. A few students tweeted comments and pictures from the workshops, particularly the excellent “Carry on Collecting” session run by Dave Waterhouse (Natural History Curator) and Molly Carter (Natural History Trainee).

In the evaluation at then end of the day, one question referred specifically to Twitter. We found that about half the students said they never used Twitter and of the rest, about half of those were considering following and or tweeting about the conference. So I vote it a partial success and a good introduction for me to see how Twitter can be used. However, I must use it now. A good way to learn would be for me to fill the role that Molly did for this conference (I was far too busy and too much a novice to manage that and running a conference) but I feel I could Tweet about someone else’s event now.

There still remains the question about how to get the students’ attention before the conference, which we feel might lead to more digital participation. When I send the workshop information out to schools, there may be a way to entice them to follow us then with the promise of something extra!

@NatHistNMAS #cuttlefish

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