A couple of weeks ago, Emily Shepperson (Curatorial Assistant, The British Schools Museum) gave us an introduction to #MuseumWeek on Twitter, and shared some ideas about how museums could make the most of it. Now, after a successful week on Twitter, Emily shares her experience of #MuseumWeek at the British Schools Museum.

Between the 23rd and 29th March 2015, over 1400 museums across the globe

Museum week logocame together to tweet about their organisations around seven daily themes. Worldwide over 179,600 tweets were sent.

For the British Schools Museum it was an exciting week. Following the SHARE #Museumweek training I had drawn up a plan of content as well as putting up posters and sending out a press release to promote our involvement.

Gathering the content together was really enjoyable and we started #secretsMW on Monday with our first ever Vine: a six second video of the stores. College students on a takeover day at the museum also wrote tweets about what they had been doing, and we posted these on their behalf which attracted retweets from @teensinmuseums and @kidsinmuseums.

#architectureMW Wednesday was a successful day with lots of interest, particularly from local press about photos tweeted of plans for major redevelopment of the site. From this interest we are hoping that the local paper will carry an editorial article about the proposed plans.

On Thursday #inspirationMW was a great opportunity to celebrate the work of our volunteers. I collected and tweeted nine volunteer comments, but unfortunately didn’t receive much interaction perhaps due to a lack of photographs. However, it was great to get the volunteers involved with social media and to gather wonderful comments which could be useful for other projects.

#familyMW Friday allowed us to showcase all the ways in which families can explore the museum. We talked about the museum ‘family’ and had comments from staff about their work which was re-tweeted and favourited but a range of people. This was a good way to raise awareness of social media with other team members. It was great to get a #FF (Follow Friday which encourages other account to follow you) along with @eh_stonehenge and @NMMgreenwich. This led to a flurry of interactions and new followers.

Many of the weekend tweets were scheduled, allowing me to check in and respond to activity. #favMW was all about favourite parts of the museum, and a tweet about the scones in the café generated the most activity!

Sunday’s #poseMW invited visitors in take photos of themselves in poses. Being aware of our audience demographic we focused instead on posting pictures of mannequins in the museum, and interesting costumes in archive photographs.

We received a lot of interaction throughout the week but our most successful feature was ‘Book Bingo’ on Monday #secretsMW. We ask people to tweet us a number between 5245 and 5537, and we would tweet back a picture of the book. We were surprised by the level of enthusiasm and replied to twelve bingo requests.

Over the week we gained 45 new followers and got to interact with a wide range of people and organisations. #Museumweek does involve a time commitment to work well but it is great for public and professional exposure, as well as being great fun to be involved with. I am looking forward to #Museumweek 2016.

Emily SheppersonCuratorial Assistant, British Schools Museum

@B_S_Museum / britishschoolsmuseum.co.uk

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