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Hidden Histories


As part of our 2018-19 regional Museum Development activity plan, funded by Arts Council England, SHARE Museums East is offering grants for developing new interpretations of collections and events programmes to develop local interest.  In particular, we are interested in interpretations and events which reveal the ‘Hidden Histories’ in the collections, telling previously untold stories of specific issues or marginalised people.

Museums can apply for a grant up to a maximum of £3,000.

Your Hidden Histories project must be based on your existing collections and focus on telling stories about issues and people who have previously not been noticed, stories which have been forgotten or might in the past have been covered up, or minority and marginalised groups.  For example, you may have objects that relate to specific issues like health, mental health or slavery; stories of specific groups of people, such as travellers, the LGBTQ community or women working in traditionally male-dominated roles; or people working in ‘lost’ trades and industries.

For more information, see the guidance notes document or talk to your county MDO.

We strongly recommend that you attend the Hidden Histories seminar on 1st February, for learning and inspiration. To book, click here.

The deadline for applications will be 9am, 28 February 2019.

Please contact Ruth for further details.

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