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Unlocking your Potential

An opportunity for your Trustee Board or Management Team:

  • Think through the skills and connections your team needs
  • Create a plan to help you achieve your goals.

SHARE Museums East is able to support five museums to review their Board / Management Team and create a plan to achieve any changes they decide upon.


Every block of stone has a statue inside it. It is the task of the sculptor to discover it.  Michelangelo




Why might your museum team want to do this?

Museums strive to deliver on so many fronts often with diminished resources and sometimes without the skills within their team that they need.

We want to try and help you to discover what skills your museum needs and if they already exist within your team. Discovering and unlocking these skills could also help you achieve wider goals.

  • Produce a happier, more fulfilled museum team.
  • Support the museum to complete unfinished or delayed projects.
  • Allow you to attract and retain a more diverse team.
  • Help you access future funding.
  • Enable your museum to engage better with the local community.
  • Reduce the workload of the management team by delegating and sharing tasks.
  • Could help protect you legally in respect of equality within your museum

Both the Mendoza Review and the Character Matters reports recommend museums review their board and management structures for current needs and skills

“Anyone familiar with ACE or Heritage Lottery funding, as well as the general ‘state of the nation’, knows that equality of opportunity is crucial when recruiting and this applies with particular force in museums, which exist to serve the public.

“All museums, but perhaps especially local museums, must strive for boards which represent the demographics of the populations they serve – for example Fenland museums should recruit trustees from their East European communities if they are going to understand the needs of those communities. Likewise museums which aspire to appeal to young people should obviously try to recruit younger people onto their boards.” 
Gordon Chancellor – Museums Partnership Officer, Cambridgeshire, 2018

But time is so short…

Time is so precious and the first thing that may spring to mind is that your museum just doesn’t have the time and resource to look further at this. The benefits probably sound sensible and you can see some benefit but maybe you are you thinking it’s not for your museum right now?

If you are then it might help to look at some of the things that may happen, over time.

  • The museum will struggle to attract the skills it needs within its team.
  • Your team may become less fully engaged.
  • People may become frustrated and stressed
  • The team may be unnecessarily overworked.
  • Visitor numbers may never reach their potential.
  • Future projects may be restricted.
  • The museum may not be able to compete for funding to deliver exciting new projects.
  • Your museum may not be able to increase or even sustain current community engagement and support.
  • Current practices and beliefs may mean the museum contravenes equality laws
  • Museum life will just be harder than it needs to be.

It’s worth remembering that equality action plans are seen in a positive light by external bodies including some large funding organisations.

Where do you start?

If you’d like to join the programme, please contact Sally Ackroyd either via email or 01603 638141/ 07876 003631

SHARE is currently offering support to a limited number of Accredited Museums in the Eastern Region to help them with this process.  We are trialing how we work with groups and are happy to tailor what support we can provide to fit with a particular Board or Team.

The benefit of external help from SHARE is of course that it has less impact on the workload of your existing team. You will however still need to have a designated member of the Management Team/Trustee to take day to day responsibility for liaising and reporting progress and actions to the rest of the Management Team/Trustees.








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