Fundraising 2019 – 2020

Fundraising 2019 – 2020

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Fundraising 2019 – 2020

This grant scheme is now closed! 


Do you want to expand how people can donate to your museum?

How easy is it for people to donate via your website?

Can people make contactless payment donations at your site?

We have small grant of £300 to help you implement your ideas, as well as two days of intensive training in both fundraising and specifically digital fundraising. The locations of the training are Stevenage in Hertfordshire (October 15th and 16th) or Dunwich in Suffolk (November 6th and 8th).

There is an initial cost of £100 per museum. Your County Museum Development Officer will work with you to support you in this fee if is a barrier to you coming along.   Ideally, the same two people should attend every session, as this makes the learning more effective and means you are more likely to be able to put the learning into practice and achieve fundraising success.

Digital Fundraising – Stevenage October 15th – 16th 

Digital Fundraising – Dunwich 7th – 8th November 


Collections Review and Rationalisation

Collections Review and Rationalisation

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Collections Review and Rationalisation

Deadline Monday 3rd June 2019

As part of our 2018-2022 regional Museum Development activity plan, funded by Arts Council England, SHARE Museums East is supporting museums to review and assess the significance of their collections, whilst developing confidence with rationalisation. The SHARE Collections Review and Rationalisation grants are available to help museums with this important area of collections management.

Museums can apply for a grant up to a maximum of £3000.

Examples of activities for which the grant can be used, include:

• Payment of an expert or consultant
• Storage and packing materials
• Collections Management Systems
• Transport or removal costs
• Conservation and condition reporting

Read about how other museums have used the grant to develop their collections:

SHARE Collections Review Grant Case Studies 2016

SHARE Collections Review Grant Case Studies 2017


If you are unsure if what you are applying for is eligible for a grant please speak to your MDO or with Ruth Burwood, SHARE Project Officer.


Collections Review and Rationalisation Grant Application Form 2019-20

Collections Review and Rationalisation Grant Guidance notes


Useful Resources:

Working with Freelancers

Collections Rationalisation Planning

Creative Case for Diversity



This year we are encouraging museums to think about how their work supports the Creative Case for Diversity.  It might not be applicable to your project, but if you are doing any of the following, please highlight it in your application:

  •       –  Research into collections that reveal untold stories of people or communities under-represented in your museum
  •       –  Improving documentation to tell these stories or update interpretations
  •       –  Including or updating exhibition labels or text so that these stories are available for your visitors to read
  •       –  Working with community groups to identify and interpret collections that you have little information for



*NEW* Acquisitions Grants

*NEW* Acquisitions Grants

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*NEW* Acquisitions Grants


No deadline, rolling programme until midday 22nd March 2021

As part of our 2018-2022 regional Museum Development activity plan, funded by Arts Council England, SHARE Museums East is supporting museums to develop their collections. We want to help museums to improve the representation and diversity of the stories that present, through the collections they have and interpret. We want museums to be able to provide a more accurate, balanced and inclusive interpretation of the past, therefore becoming more relevant and sustainable as a result.

Grant Overview

Museums can apply for a grant of up to £2000 towards obtaining a new acquisition. The grant application and guidance is available below.

Examples of activities for which the grant can be used, include:

  • Purchase of object/objects to develop permanent collections
  • Commissioning of work/works from an artist
  • Costs towards working with a community advisory panel to inform new acquisition/s
  • valuation costs, framing and display, the conservation and restoration of works, transport and storage costs to support display of new acquisition

New acquisitions must

  • Be informed by community consultation.


In addition, acquisitions must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Support the museum to address a lack of representation of a group of people or community in the permanent collections e.g. women, LGBTQ+, BAME, people with disabilities (N.B. this list is not exclusive).
  • Help the museum to work towards further development of their collections and the diversity of the communities they represent e.g. stimulate contemporary collecting
  • Address the balance of stories and interpretation in permanent displays


If you are unsure if what you are applying for is eligible for a grant, please speak to your MDO or a member of the SHARE team. We are happy to talk it through with you.

Please contact Ruth for further details.

Audience Understanding

Audience Understanding

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Audience Understanding

The Audience Finder new user grant is aligned to Goal 2 of the Arts Councils (ACE) priorities – Audiences. The Audience Agency (TAA) is an ACE-funded Sector Support Organisation. SHARE Museums East has been charged by ACE to promote the use of TAA’s Audience Finder programme more widely by museums.

Audience Finder (AF) provides museums with excellent data about their visitors, but it can be a challenge for museums to take part and put the systems in place to gather the raw data required.  AF is free to use but there may be costs associated with collecting data. We are providing a small  number of grants each year to help museums make the most of this facility. Grant money may be spent on equipment, staff time or training to facilitate the running of Audience Finder and is awarded on the understanding that the museum will continue to use Audience Finder in future years and at least until 2022.

Four museums have received the grant for 2018-19. The next round of grants applications will from April 2019.

Please contact Kathy for further details.

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