Statement from SHARE Museums East and South East Museum Development

From 2024-26 SHARE Museums East and South East Museum Development will be joining forces to develop a partnership to deliver Museum Development services in a larger South East region for Arts Council England.

The two Museum Development services have released the following statement:

“Recently, Arts Council England announced changes to how they will support museum development activity during the next funding cycle (2024-26).  These changes include redrawing existing regional boundaries to align with ACE’s five areas. This means that the new ‘South East’ area will consist of the traditional East and South East government regions. While museums in Hampshire and Isle of Wight will migrate into the South West Museum Development area.

We are pleased to announce that existing museum development providers, South East Museum Development and SHARE Museums East, have agreed to work together to prepare a joint application to ACE to continue delivering museum development support from 2024.  The current delivery bodies, Brighton & Hove Museums and Norfolk Museums Service, will form a consortium to deliver the bid. South East Museum Development is also working closely with colleagues in South West Museum Development to facilitate a smooth transition for our museum colleagues in Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

We are proud of the excellent services both SHARE Museums East and South East Museum Development have provided to museums in recent years and look forward to continuing this work into the future.”

Read more about the upcoming changes to Museum Development from Arts Council England.


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