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If you have a query and would like our help, get in touch with us through email or by telephone.

Alternatively, contact one of our subject specialist Project Officers who will be more than happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jamie Everitt

Regional Museum Development Manager

Jamie is responsible for managing the SHARE Museum Development Programme. He convenes the Museums East of England group and liaises with Museum Development colleagues and county groups across the region. He is a member of the Museum Development Network committee. Jamie also works with the Heritage Engineering Network and Museum Managers’ Network.

Tel: 01603 493654
Mobile: 07778 506885
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Kathy Moore

Museum Development Project Officer (Children & Young People and Audience Development)

Kathy is responsible for the Children and Young People and Audience Development strands of SHARE’s work, including all things learning. She convenes the Regional Learning Network, organises the learning, audience and community engagement training events as well as related development and grants programmes.

Tel: 01603 493646
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Sally Ackroyd

Museum Development Project Officer (Leadership & Resilience)

Sally is responsible for aspects of the SHARE programme relating to Resilience and Leadership, including our volunteer development projects. She coordinates the SHARE Volunteer Awards scheme, which occurs biennially

Tel: 01603 638141
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Charlotte McGreavy

Museum Development Assistant

Charlotte provides finance and administrative support for the SHARE team, and is responsible for managing the training calendar. She also maintains SHARE Museums East’s website and writes our monthly e-newsletter.

Tel: 01603 223423
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Hannah Bentley

Museum Development Project Officer (Collections) & Accreditation Advisor

Hannah is responsible for the Collections and Accreditation strands of SHARE’s work. She liaises with the collections and conservation networks, organises the collections focused training events as well as related development and grants programmes.

Tel: 01603 679326
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County Museum Development Officers

Emma Calver

Bedfordshire Museum Development Officer

Website: Luton Culture

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Gemma Papineau

Hertfordshire Museum Development Officer

Website: Hertfordshire Association of Museums

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Emma Bunbury

Cambridgeshire Museums Partnership Officer

Website: Museums in Cambridgeshire

Email Emma

Su Booth

Norfolk Museum Development Officer

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Beth Wilkey

Essex Museum Development Officer

Website: Essex Museum Development

Email Beth

Jayne Austin

Suffolk Museum Development & Partnership Manager

Website:  Association for Suffolk Museums

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