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This is your opportunity to learn more about the ‘art of giving’, the ways in which visitors add value to their visit through donations. Visitor donations are often vitally important to the ongoing financial sustainability of museums, and we wish to support museums in remaining relevant, gaining new skills and becoming more sustainable in the long term.

We have partnered with Apollo Fundraising to deliver 3 online training sessions, where participants will learn about visitor psychology, look at case studies and at what inspires people to give. Finally, we will focus on how museums can prepare for the cash free world and look at the potential options for promoting and facilitating giving both remotely and on site.

Sessions one and two: Removing the barriers that stop people donating

14 September & 28 September 2022 10am-1pm

These two half-day sessions will take you through the different stages of the supporter journey, sharing top tips for how to get more people to support your museum. Sharing lessons from psychology, behavioural science and case studies we’ll look at the barriers that might be preventing people from giving and the steps you can take to smooth the journey to ensure more people complete their donation.

Session 1 (14 September) will look at how you inspire people to give. We’ll look at how you frame your message so that it has the most impact on potential supporters. We’ll look at where and how you should present your message to reach your target audience. And we’ll look at the unexpected changes you can make that can increase both the number of people that donate and the average donation they give.

You will need to book separately for session 2, (28 September) but it will look at how you can make it as easy as possible for inspired people to complete their donation.

These two sessions, delivered online, are designed as a series following the supporter journey from start to finish. However, they can also be accessed individually.

If you have any further questions, you may find them answered on our FAQs page.  

Terms & Conditions:

For full details of our programmes conditions, see our Terms & Conditions on our website 

By booking a place on to SHARE Museums East Training Programme, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • That you are from an East of England museum which is in Arts Council England’s Museum Accreditation Scheme. Where this is not applicable you acknowledge that SHARE will facilitate your attendance if availability permits and that your organisation will pay any fees which may apply.
  • It is a condition of receiving this ACE funded training that the online evaluation sent to the email address provided at the point of booking is completed by the specified deadline. This deadline is in the email notification unless a paper evaluation is specifically requested and submitted on the day of the training session.
  • By booking a place you agree that you are booking as a representative of your organisation and should you cancel your booking without sufficient notice your organisation is responsible for paying the late cancellation fee of £50.
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