Melissa Kozlenko, Royal Anglian Museum, reflects on the training day held at IWM, Duxford

To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this day of training, but I figured that learning how to advocate for my museum could never hurt! What I got from the day was more than I had expected.

It was really interesting to learn about ways to look for funding or people that may want to donate to your museum, especially from the perspective of how it would also benefit them. The course was really helpful to allow me time to think of a concise message I would like to give about my museum, what I do and how we are unique. Furthermore, as I am not a Cambridge local, it was nice to have the opportunity to sit down with other people and identify businesses and prominent figures in the area who may wish to support us. As we are most likely moving from our present site in the next decade, it gives me more things to think about as a long term plan to fund this or garner more support for the future.

Although some of the ideas could not work for me as a partner museum to the IWM, there were definitely many ideas I took away with me, especially when it came to the annual planner ideas of advocacy tasks to do that didn’t involve money. The brainstorming with other museums in this area definitely also a helpful exercise as when ideas are being thrown around there is usually something that you did not think of.

The segment we did on goals or ways to read your impact was also quite helpful as I do check some of those, but it is always a good idea to have a measure of your success so you have the information at hand if asked about it by any potential donors or even your other museum staff!

After the day of training I definitely had some new ideas and was excited to hopefully start some projects based around ideas from the Advocacy training.

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