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Creative Case for Diversity

What is it?

The Arts Council outlines the Creative Case for Diversity as follows:

Our mission is great art and culture for everyone – we can only achieve this if we make a commitment to promoting and embedding diversity throughout the work we fund and support. We call this the ‘Creative Case for Diversity’.

The Creative Case for Diversity is a way of exploring how organisations and artists can enrich the work they do by embracing a wide range of diverse influences and practices. We believe that embracing the Creative Case will also help organisations address other challenges and opportunities in audience development, public engagement, workforce and leadership.

What it isn’t 

  • About meeting Equality legislation
  • Solely community engagement
  • Workforce diversification

What does it mean for museums?

  • Collections and Collecting
  • Programming – exhibitions and events
  • Embedding it in all aspects of work

Regional Case Studies

Looking for inspiration and ideas for how to embed this approach in your museum? Want some practical examples of how to fund and kick-start a project? Click on the links below to read more about some of the projects our museums and networks across the region have developed…

WHO LIVED IN MY HOUSE? Project looking at the lives of working class families in Letchworth. Click here for case study

WOMEN ON THE FRONT LINE Collections research project addressing the under-representation of women’s stories. Click here for case study.

BRICKWORKS MEMORIES REDISCOVERED Community collecting project focused on reflecting the diverse the communities and their contribution to Bedford. Click here for case study.


To read more about the Arts Council’s definition of Creative Case for Diversity, including UK case studies, click here.

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