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Volunteer Showcase 2022


This year, we want to thank all our volunteers and celebrate volunteering in a different way in recognition of the Covid pandemic hitting volunteering so hard.

Nominate Silver Owls here

Send us your Showcase examples here

 The main awards we are giving this year are for Silver Owls. A certificate and SHARE Silver Owl badge will be awarded to everyone you nominate who has been volunteering with you for 25 years or more (ignoring any Covid issues which prevented their volunteering).

 We would also love to know about your Volunteer Showcase examples. These are examples of volunteer work in your museum which other museums can learn from. This might be a different way of working, an unusual, or new role for your volunteers, or a specific project that some of your volunteers have undertaken. These will feature on our website and at the SHARE Conference in November.

Two of the museums entering Showcase examples will be awarded £300 to spend on their volunteers. (There is no specific criteria for these awards & they will be chosen by the Volunteer Co-ordinators forum steering group.)

We will invite you, your Silver Owls and someone from your Showcase volunteering team to join us for lunch and the Volunteer presentations at our annual SHARE Conference in Ely on Thursday 10 November .We hope you will also make time to enjoy your free entry tickets to Ely Museum and Ely Stained Glass Museum on the day.

Nominations and examples are welcome from all museums in the East of England. All Award nominations and Volunteer Showcase examples must be received by 16 August 2022.

More on Showcase examples:

We are looking for examples of different areas of volunteer work, so we suggest you base your example around one of these topics:

  • Digital Museum: examples of this might be for setting up, or operating the museum’s social media accounts, keeping the website up-to-date, or working on digital museum projects.
  • Outstanding Young Volunteers: for under 25s who have excelled in their volunteer role and made a strong contribution to the museum.
  • Engaging Audiences: volunteer work which has made the museum appealing and accessible. Examples might be adapting services for meet new needs of new or previous audiences, or people with specific needs.
  • Collections and Site: volunteering work with your collections. This might include accessioned collections, handling collections, gardens and landscape, buildings or livestock.
  • Good Governance: trustees are volunteers too, and we want to recognise their work as part of this showcase. Leading and inspiring their teams in different way.
  • Advocacy: volunteers have a role outside the museum itself, advocating for the museum and generating new interest, income or activity.
  • Other: any other theme of your choice.



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