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Visitor Insight East 2023

Contact Su Booth for more information.

Visitor Insight East 2023 – FREE basic visitor survey for museums 

If you want to conduct a visitor survey but don’t know where to start, VIE could be for you. VIE is a simple survey designed to help you gather basic information about where your visitors come from, their age, what motivates them to visit and what they think about your museum. Evidence about your visitors is useful for funding applications, and activity and audience development planning.

VIE is available to print out in either A5 or A4 format. We will also send you a Smart Survey link so you can enter the details gathered on paper to generate a report. The Smart Survey link can also be used directly with visitors on a tablet. VIE does not collect any personal information so you can be confident it is GDPR compliant. Contact Su Booth for copies of the survey. 

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