Equity and Inclusion – Introductory Resources – December 2021

Equity and Inclusion for Museums: introductory resources
Diversity and Inclusion are central to a fair society and to the success of institutions
in being relevant to communities. We are all at different stages of engagement with equitable and
inclusive practice. With that in mind this is a set of introductory
resources in different formats and media, outlining key concepts, inclusive language
and example.

CIO helpline request form

In 2021-22 SHARE is offering museums in the Accreditation scheme some help with their potential transition to CIO status.  If you have been through everything in the ‘Should your museum become incorporated’ powerpoint slides and have had a chat with your County MDO then you can access the  SHARE helpline for a consultation to help you take this further.  Please fill in your museum’s information on this form and send it in to access the helpline. (Where to send etc is all on the form)

CIO. Should Your Museum Become incorporated? An Introduction.

Do you have questions about your museum’s governance structure and CIO status?

This 9 page document will help you with the following:

  • What does Incorporation mean?
  • How you might improve the legal protection for your Trustees?
  • How might your governance relate to Arts Council Accreditation?
  • Next?Other resources to consult

Trustee Recruitment – Finding the right people for your organisation

Thoughts on Trustee Recruitment: Finding the right people for your organisation.

Notes from Frank Hargrave (Director of Colchester + Ipswich Museums) on recruiting for Colchester Museums Development Foundation

(from a SHARE Museums East discussion session, December 2020)

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