Welcome to SHARE Museums East. We run a comprehensive development programme for East of England museums of all sizes and types. Our main focus is on museums in the Arts Council Accreditation scheme, but everyone is welcome to use our website and many of our courses have tickets for other heritage organisations.

Want to know more about your audience and visitor experience? 

SHARE has the tools and training to help you. This year we are offering Mystery Shopper, the Visitor Insight East questionnaire and Wider Reach. Resources on our website include Data Driven Museums and an Evaluation Toolkit for Museums.

Coming soon are the Wider Reach toolkit, to accompany the Wider Reach Zoom workshops with Pippa Smith, and an Audience Development Plan template produced by Christina Lister with South East Museum Development.

The Towards Net Zero Carbon grants are designed to help museums make progress in this vital area of environmental responsibility – reducing carbon emissions. Museums are invited to apply for grants up to a maximum of £3000.

With our museums’ support, we co-ordinate a bespoke training programme for museums in the East of England. Check out our training calendar.

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