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Lots of museums these days have a website and/or a social media presence, but how many can honestly say they make the most effective use of digital marketing to reach their audiences? Generating content for social media takes time. Is it really worth it?

 This seminar aims to explain what digital marketing is all about and why you should be using it, as well as how the various different tools can be used and how to measure how effective your campaign has been. It is a must for anyone involved with marketing their museum, whether you’re completely new to using digital channels or you’d like to find ways to spice up your social media marketing.

 The programme is shaping up nicely to include an overview of the various digital marketing channels and what to use them for, planning a campaign, using analytics to measure the impact of your campaign, plus a choice of practical breakout workshops and plenty of case studies and resources to take away. We will help you find ways to adapt and scale digital marketing activities to suit your museum’s capacity and resources.

 Book your place now, and remember to tell us what you’re hoping to gain from the day so that we can deliver content that’s relevant and useful to you.

 By the end of the course, participants will:

  • understand what digital marketing is and why they should do it

  • know what digital marketing channels exist and what they are good for

  • know how to measure the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign

  • be able to make informed decisions about the best way to approach digital marketing in their museums

Terms & Conditions:

For full details of our programmes conditions, click here. 

By booking a place on to SHARE Museums East Training Programme, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  • That you are from an East of England museum or heritage organisation which is in the Arts Council England’s Accreditation Scheme. Where this is not applicable you acknowledge that so that we can aim to facilitate your attendance if we can. (This may involve a fee).

  • It is a condition of receiving this ACE funded training that the online evaluation sent to the email address provided at the point of booking is completed by the specified deadline. This deadline is in the email notification unless a paper evaluation is specifically requested and submitted on the day of the training session.

  • By booking a place you agree that you are booking as a representative of your organisation and should you cancel your booking without sufficient notice your organisation is responsible for paying the late cancellation fee of £50.


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