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This workshop is part of the  ‘Diversify Your Income’ programme of support and will focus on fundraising.

About this event

This is your induction into the world of fundraising for a small museum. It covers research and planning, key fundraising skills and information about launching successful fundraising campaigns. It’s a one stop fundraising shop: teaching you new skills and sharpening old ones, giving you everything you need to start afresh and come back from the Covid-19 crisis stronger than ever.

This course – delivered by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy trainer Helen Jenkins – is aimed at those new to fundraising, those about to launch a big project in a new area, or for those just looking for a refresher in a key aspect of fundraising after the crisis.

You will learn:

• How to generate great fundraising ideas to inform your fundraising strategy

• The importance of an effective Case for Support

• Different kinds of fundraising streams, from Trusts and Foundations, individuals, corporates and statutory income

• How to set realistic fundraising targets

• What you should be fundraising research

• The latest trends in fundraising

Who should attend?


Museums within the Accreditation scheme can attend this session as a one off, however it is part of an 8 session training programme focusing on diversifying income.  If you are not within the Museum Accreditation scheme please email sharemuseumseast@museums.norfolk.gov.uk and ask about availability

Bookings for this session are via the Museum Development East Midlands eventbrite site – here: Introduction to Fundraising



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