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This workshop is part of the  ‘Diversify Your Income’ programme of support.

About this event

A well implemented ticketing system can form the backbone of a museum’s admission system – offering a unique opportunity to generate income as well as vital touch points with your customers.

The first half of this session will highlight the variety of ways you can implement a box office to drive either attendance or additional revenue streams. We will also consider the insights you can gather about your customers and how you can use these strategically. We will then examine the key considerations in choosing the right ticketing platform for your organisation, and how to successfully integrate a new system into your day-to-day activity.

This course – presented by Phil Lofthouse, Digital Culture Network’s Tech Champion for Ticketing/Box Office and CRM – is aimed at museums who may be new to ticketing or possibly have implemented a system in response to the pandemic and want to hear how they can properly embed their new system into their operation.

You will learn:

  • Different methods of ticketing – both paid and unpaid
  • How to implement ticketing and attendance tracking without creating barriers to entry
  • How to use ticketing to bolster donations
  • What a box office system can tell you about your visitors and how to use that information
  • The practicalities of choosing which ticketing system is the right one for you.

The Digital Culture Network is an Arts Council England initiative which provides practical, on the ground help to the arts and culture sector. Our focus is around digital skills and leadership development, provided through 1-2-1, resources and events. Visit the website for more information or email us on digitalnetwork@artscouncil.org.uk or find us on Twitter @ace_dcn.

Who should attend?

Museums within the Accreditation scheme can attend this session as a one off, however it is part of an 8 session training programme focusing on diversifying income.  If you are not within the Museum Accreditation scheme please email sharemuseumseast@museums.norfolk.gov.uk and ask about availability.

Bookings for this session are via the Museum Development East Midlands eventbrite site – here: Just the Ticket – Ticketing in Museums



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