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This workshop is part of the  ‘Diversify Your Income’ programme of support and will focus on fundraising.

About this event

Telling the story of your organisation effectively is the key to winning grant funding and building relationships with funders that can form such a crucial part of any organisation’s fundraising strategy. This is especially true for small organisations who might feel overshadowed by larger organisations with higher profiles.

This course explores the key skills needed to write strong applications to win funding from Trusts and Foundations. Learn how to communicate your story to funders and to stand out from the crowd.

This course – delivered by Cause4’s Head of Development Annie Jarvis – is aimed at those new to writing applications from trusts and foundations, or for those just looking for a refresher in a key aspect of fundraising following the Covid-19 crisis.

You will learn:

  • How to generate great fundraising ideas and to build a Case for Support
  • To understand what funders will be looking for post Covid-19
  • How to craft an effective fundraising story
  • How to build relationships with Trusts and Foundations for the long-term
  • How to respond to funding criteria
  • How to prepare effective budgets that tell a story

Who should attend?

Museums within the Accreditation scheme can attend this session as a one off, however it is part of an 8 session training programme focusing on diversifying income.  If you are not within the Museum Accreditation scheme please email sharemuseumseast@museums.norfolk.gov.uk and ask about availability.

Bookings for this session are via the Museum Development East Midlands eventbrite site – here: Writing Great Funding Applications



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