Welcome to SHAREPlus, a new programme of training and development opportunities for museum workers across the East of England. We have designed this exciting new programme by listening to feedback from SHARE participants, and developing ideas with the help of museum professionals in the region.

We will continue to develop the SHAREPlus programme and are keen to hear your ideas for how we can support your development.  To contact us to discuss an idea, please email us.


SHAREPlus is for:

  • museum staff, trustees, volunteers with some experience of working in the sector
  • aspiring museum professionals
  • AMA participants
  • anyone looking to deepen their experience of working in museums

SHAREPlus Training

Click here to view our current training calendar and SHAREPlus training opportunities.

SHAREPlus training is aimed at people who already have experience of working in or with museums. If you have any questions about whether an event would be suitable for you, please get in touch.



SHAREPlus bursaries

If you need financial support to attend a SHAREPlus event, please e-mail us. We occasionally offer bursaries to attend conferences and seminars across the UK.  We will advertise opportunities via our e-bulletin, and online here.

Click here to read one regional museum professional’s experience of getting a bursary…

SHARE Networks

We support a range of regional subject specialist networks that bring together museum workers with shared interests. They are a great way of making connections, finding support, and enhancing your CPD. Networks organise and run many of the events on our training calendar.

Click here for a list of current SHARE-supported networks.


Become a Mentor

Accreditation Mentors guide and advise museums without professional staff, in all aspects of museum work. Mentoring a museum is a fantastic way to enhance your CPD – whether working with a museum to write a forward plan, or giving feedback on displaying collections.

To find out if you are eligible to be a mentor, click here or email SHARE for support

Our top 5 tips for kick-starting your CPD

  1. Invest some of your own time in your development
  2. Get involved with a SHARE network, or a regional or national network
  3. Check out the MA website for tips on writing a CPD plan
  4. Think beyond training – what else could you do? Could you be a board member or an Accreditation Mentor?
  5. Be outward-looking

Got a bright idea you want to share with us? Email SHARE.

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