Collections Care Conference 2023: Preserving the Un-Preservable


Who can attend our events
  1. I’m not sure if I’m eligible to attend?

SHARE Museums East is funded by Arts Council England (ACE) to support organisations within ACE’s Museum Accreditation Scheme. As a result, our training sessions are prioritised for Accredited museums including those officially ‘working towards Accreditation’ (‘WTA’). Other museums and heritage organisations can attend many of our sessions, but places will be limited and a small fee may be charged.

 When registering for an event, you will need to select one of the following that best describes your museum:

  • E of E Accredited museums inc. working towards (Accredited or WTA museums in the East of England)
  • E of E non–Accredited museums (museums within the East of England* who are not registered within Arts Council England Accreditation scheme)
  • Other heritage organisations (heritage freelancers or organisations from outside the region. Please note, you may be asked to pay a fee if you/your organisation falls into this category)
  • General admission (anyone working in Heritage organisations can attend)

 With our training programme moving online, we have had to reduce the number of attendees per session. If there is only one ticket type available and your organisation does not fall into the category, please get in touch to discuss your options. Your organisation may be placed on the waiting list until a place becomes available.

 If you are unsure of which category to select and have booked on under an incorrect ticket type you will be contacted by a member of the SHARE team. Your place will be held until it is resolved.

 2. I’m not sure if my museum is in the East of England?

SHARE covers the counties of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. The region includes the unitary authorities of Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, Luton, Peterborough, Southend and Thurrock.

 If your museum is outside the region we may be able to accommodate you, but a fee may be charged. Your regional Museum Development programme might run similar training or might be prepared to fund your attendance. Please follow this link to see where other Museum Development teams are located across the country. 

3. I’m not sure if my museum is registered with the Arts Council England Museum Accreditation Scheme? 

ACE publishes the official lists of Accredited and Working Towards Accreditation museums on its website. If you are still unsure please contact us. 

4. I’m currently furloughed am I allowed to attend training?

If you are a furloughed staff member from a museum in this region registered within Arts Council Accreditation scheme you are still eligible to attend training. The Government’s furlough guidance states:

Training will not count as work where the purpose of the training is to improve an employee’s effectiveness or the performance of the employer’s business. In addition, the training should not contribute (to a significant degree) to the production of any goods the employer intends to supply (as part of the provision of goods or services) or to the supply of any services for which consideration is received.

For further information, follow this link to the CIPD website or this link to the Lewis Silkin website.

Registering for an event
  1. Why do I have to complete a booking form?

Our funding agreement with ACE requires us to report on the impact of our work. To support this, we have developed our registration and evaluation forms in alignment with other Museum Development Programmes in England.

The details you enter on booking (excluding your email address) are forwarded to the trainer to help shape the training session. All information entered in the booking forms remains confidential and only essential information is forwarded onto the trainer and the SHARE team member who is organising the event.

2. Why do you request my manager’s name and email?

We request that you provide a manager’s email address so that should you cancel your place without contacting us or after the cancellation period, we can contact them and notify that your organisation may be charged.

 3. Why do I have to sign onto our coffee chats?

In order to create a welcoming and safe environment we’re asking organisations to sign on in advance. We’re only collecting basic information that includes submitting any questions in advance; it is not our formal pre-booking form. This means we send only the log-in details to those emails signed onto the event.

4. Why can’t I simply turn up to an online event?

We try to accommodate as many participants as possible, however some sessions will be limited to enable a better experience for those taking part. Each online session has an assigned password to access the session and we have enabled the wait-room function. We only allow participants to enter if their username matches our delegate list. Should your username differ, we will message you to confirm details prior to entry.

 5. I’m not sure if I’m registered for the event?

When you sign up via Eventbrite you should receive a confirmation email confirming your place. If you have not received the email, your account may have placed it in the junk folder. If you are still unable to find the confirmation email it may be because you entered your email address incorrectly. Eventbrite does not notify you that the email address may be wrong. Please contact a member of the SHARE team to check.

 6. More than one person from my museum wishes to attend, are they allowed to?

As we transition our training programme to online we have had to reduce the number of delegates per session to what the trainer feels comfortable with. As a result, a maximum of two members from the same organisation can attend. For any network events, multiple people from an organisation can attend. If multiple people from your organisation would like to attend a specific event, please contact us. 

If we have enabled the multiple tickets function, please note that Eventbrite enables you to copy information if you have selected multiple tickets, but please remember to change the relevant information that applies to each individual.

 7. I’m unable to attend a session, can a colleague go in my place? What should I do?

If you find that you are no longer able to attend a session and a colleague is available please email us directly. We will be able to assess whether we can manually change the booking or add that colleague to the waitlist (should the event be oversubscribed). If you are unable to attend after our cancellation period, do not forward any delegate information to a colleague without consulting a member of the SHARE team first.

8. Why am I unable to check out when registering for an event?

Please check that you have entered information into all mandatory fields. If you have done so and are still unable to complete registration, please check the length of your job title – it should be fewer than 50 characters. Unfortunately, Eventbrite does not notify you that you have reached the limit. If you are still having trouble completing your booking, please contact a member of the SHARE team.

 9. Tickets have been fully booked, is there a waiting list I can register for?

If an event is oversubscribed, there is an opportunity to register for a waiting list. Priority will still be given to museums within the ACE Accreditation Scheme, and you will be notified by a member of the SHARE team should you need to pay for a place. If a place becomes available, you will receive an automatic notification from Eventbrite in which you will have a set time to respond; if you do not respond in time the offer will transfer to the next person on the list. Please note, the response time will differ depending on the popularity of the event.

If you are struggling to sign onto the waitlist, please contact us.

10. What happens if my training event has been cancelled?

In the unlikely event of SHARE having to postpone or cancel an event at the last minute (e.g. internet problems, illness), we will attempt to contact all booked participants via the email provided on the booking form. Should we not receive confirmation via the provided email, we will contact the line manager details provided. You will also be able to find last minute announcements pinned to our twitter timeline. SHARE will aim to reschedule the course where there is sufficient demand and will reimburse any fees paid by those unable to attend the replacement event.

Online Training Information: what to expect from a training session
  1. What formats will your online training take?

Moving our programme online is a learning curve; we’re trying as many digital formats as possible to make our programme as accessible as possible. We will try to keep our event descriptions as detailed as possible and inform delegates the format and style the session will be.

All our platforms are hosted via third parties unless otherwise stated. For many of our training sessions we use Zoom, which is an external piece of software. We do not supply any delegate information directly to Zoom, but nor do we have control over the data participants may supply to Zoom – using either a personal or guest log-in. We encourage all attendees to read Zoom’s privacy policy before accessing the session.

As of 26 August, we have received guidance that Zoom does not own the copyright of any content posted during a session. If we record a session, Zoom has been granted permission to store these recordings but cannot circulate them. Zoom has an established take-down policy and procedure should any offensive content be shown. 

The use of third party software, such as Zoom, is in compliance with Norfolk County Council’s data protection guidelines.  To read SHARE’s own privacy policy click here.

2. Will the session be recorded?

Prior to registering for our events we will include in the event description whether the event will be recorded and if participant cameras have been enabled. We will never record sessions without the consent of the trainer and all delegates. We will include in the booking form options to consent if your image or name can be recorded or not.

3. What happens when I enter questions or information in the chat?

We expect all information shared during our sessions to remain confidential amongst delegates. A member of the SHARE team who is hosting the session, will receive a downloaded export of the chat once the session has ended. This export will be immediately deleted once any useful links or documents has been circulated to delegates.

4. Will your sessions have subtitles?

We are trying to make our sessions as accessible as possible and aiming for sessions to have subtitles. We are currently investigating which online platforms have the best functions to do this. Is there is anything we can do to make the session more accessible for you, please get in touch with us.

5. I’m having computer problems – can I phone into a session?

Within our joining instructions email, you will be provided the platform link to connect to the event, which will include dial-in details. This option may not always be possible, and delegates will be notified in the joining instructions.

6. I’m unsure how to use the platform the training is on?

The event description will detail what platform we’re using. If you are unsure of anything, please get in touch.

7. Do I need to prepare anything in advance to the event?

Unless otherwise stated in the event description or circulated in the joining instructions you will not need to prepare anything. We recommend that you have a pen and notepad to hand. Many of our sessions have a discussion focus, all information discussed within the session from other delegates remain confidential.

8. What reminder information do you send out? (and what is included in the email)?

We aim to email delegates reminder messages (either via Eventbrite or direct email) 4 days and 48 hours before the online session. Within this email, delegates receive an agenda (if not included in the event description), any documents or instructions to follow before the event, a user guide and log-in details.

 If not already included in the event description, it will also state whether delegates need to log-in in advance of the start time.

During the session, we ask that participants:

  • Mute your microphone when not talking
  • Switch off other video conferencing software
  • Leave your camera on if your broadband allows
  • Try not to talk over other people
  • Use the ‘Raise Hand’ function when wanting to contribute
  • Put questions and comments into the chat bar
  • Respect each others’ confidentiality

We have prepared some online training etiquette slides, please look at them in advance of the session.

We understand that a suitable at home set-up may not be available to everyone and do not expect people to have their videos switched on if you do not feel comfortable. In order to protect your privacy, you can leave your camera off or use a background image.

9. I don’t feel comfortable during the session, comments were offensive:

We have a no-tolerance policy and expect all attendees to be respectful and mindful of other participants. We do not tolerate any sharing of inappropriate or illegal content. Should a participant do this, they will instantly be removed from the session and may be banned from future sessions.

Should the trainer or facilitator not pick up anything you have found offensive please contact us directly via the chat or after the session to discuss privately.

We have created a Code of Conduct. 


Post-session information
  1. Why do I need to complete an evaluation form?

Our funding agreement with ACE requires us to report on the impact of our work. To support this we have developed our registration and evaluation forms.  It is a requirement that anyone who attends a SHARE training session completes an evaluation form. Failure to complete the evaluation form can affect booking onto future SHARE training events.

The feedback is sent anonymously to the trainer, who receives only the feedback related to them. The evaluation form requires your name to enable us to track the learning progress of individuals taking part in our programmes. We then utilise this core data to report the impact of Museum Development not only in our region but nationally to the Arts Council; we do not share delegates’ names with our funders or anyone else.

Museum Development Officers will be updated as to which organisations have been attending training to help them understand the training needs of their counties.

2. Will the slides be circulated?

SHARE will compile and circulate any notes, documents or slides used for the session. Once you have completed our evaluation form, anything compiled will be available. If you have received any follow-up documents, please do not circulate more widely unless otherwise stated. The trainers have created this document specifically for attendees.

3. Will a course be repeated?

We understand that not everyone can attend the designated time for an online course. We aim to run training at a time that suits as many people as possible. We will try to repeat the session if there is high demand, but we may be unable to due to trainers’ time, and budgetary constraints. We regularly update and add to our training programme. To keep informed about new training and development opportunities, we advise that you subscribe to our e-Newsletter.  

If you are unable to attend but you feel the training is important for your museum, please contact your county Museum Development Officer.

Ticketing and Payment Options
  1. Why do you charge for some tickets?

Thanks to ACE funding, most of our training courses are offered on a free or substantially-subsidised basis. We charge for organisations and individuals outside the East of England and/or the Museum Accreditation Scheme, however these fees still represent a significant subsidy on the actual cost of delivery.

For our programmes which have the highest investment (e.g. accredited training courses) we may charge a fee to all delegates.

 2. I cannot afford to attend an event. Can you waive the fee?

If your museum is unable to pay for you to attend an event, please contact us.

 3. What’s your cancellation policy?

When you book, you are confirming that you are booking as a representative of your organisation. SHARE reserves the right to impose a cancellation fee of £50 upon the organisations of attendees who fail to attend without notifying us in advance. If you are no longer able to attend an event you have registered for, please notify the SHARE team as soon as possible and not less than 2 working days prior to the event. Please note that the team will not pick up messages at weekends. Any cancellation fee will be implemented at the discretion of SHARE, depending on individual circumstances.

4. I’ve paid for an event and am longer able to attend – what happens?

If you are no longer able to attend an event you have registered for, please notify the SHARE team as soon as possible and no less than 2 working days prior to the event. If you fail to show up to the event after the notice period has been reached, SHARE reserves the right to retain any fees paid.

 5. I am unable to pay via Eventbrite, but would like to attend

If you do not have access to an organisational purchasing card (credit card), or are waiting for your manager’s permission to attend, please contact a member of the SHARE team as we may be able to arrange alternative forms of payments.  Please note that SHARE is hosted by a local authority, and we abide by the financial regulations and process of Norfolk County Council.

 6. Why does Eventbrite ask for ‘registration type and tax receipt information’ when purchasing a paid ticket?

As a VAT-registered business, it is a requirement from Eventbrite for businesses to charge VAT. As not all our organisations are VAT-registered we charge all ticket buyers VAT. If your company is VAT-registered, it can claim back the VAT later. If you know your organisation’s VAT details, please enter them; if you do not, please enter n/a. We cannot unselect this option on our registration forms.

7. Can I be invoiced via Eventbrite?

For some events, attendees can select to be invoiced rather than paying with a credit or purchasing card. You will be contacted by a member of the SHARE team about processing your payment, please do not pay or raise a purchase order before you have been contacted. SHARE is hosted by Norfolk County Council, and payments may not be processed if an invoice number or purchase order has not been previously assigned.

We will ask for:

  • Your treasurer or finance representative’s contact details
  • The department/address the invoice should be sent to
  • If a Purchase Order needs to be attached to the invoice

Norfolk County Council will send you, via the post, an invoice with the payment details and options. You may pay the invoice with a cheque if you include the remittance slip and follow all instructions on the invoicing form.

8. I’m a freelancer – do I have to pay?

If you have been directly contracted by an Accredited museum in the East of England and the training provided will support the project the museum has contracted you to deliver, you may attend the session at the fully subsidised rate. Other freelancers and organisations will have to pay any fees due.

 9. Why are you still charging payment for online events when so many organisations are offering their services for free?

Most of our events are free to all. The museums we are funded to support (Accredited/WTA museums in the East of England) have free access to our programmes as per our usual policy. Any fees that others pay to join our sessions will enable us to continue to support museums through our programmes.

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